Step-By-Step | Make Website Using WordPress

Make A Website With WordPress

In this article, I Will tell you how to make website using a WordPress plugin with free Domain and free Hosting. If you are new in this field, I want to tell you how to make website. To make a website you need two things.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting Service

Domain Name To Make Website

Suppose the Google search engine Domain Name is, and Facebook Domain name. These categories of Domains are top-level domain names. Com, Org, Info, etc these extensions are not free. If you want these extension domains then you can get a top-level domain with hosting for just in $1.You can also get a free .com Domain Name and Host for only $12 for one year.  For more information on purchasing a free domain and host, Please visit How to get free domain and hosting. But in this article, we will get a free domain from Get a free domain with.CF extension. Please don’t take a .tk extension because which hosting service we use, did not allow the .tk extension. Simply go to to get a free domain and log in with Facebook or Google account. After Login click on the services option select register a new domain option and look carefully  Screenshot is given.

Web Hosting To Make Website

After getting a domain, we need a web hosting service, Web hosting is a space on the internet in special computers called servers. Where you can upload data on your website, through the web hosting service, you can control your website. There are many free website hosting services on the internet. But these do not allow the most important features.  The most popular web hosting service allows users to some more features but not allow .tk extension domain. The discussion on web hosting services is another topic, But, In this article, I am telling you how to make website with a free domain and free hosting service using WordPress.Simply click on this link: to get free hosting to make a website, Fill up the Sign-up Form, Temporary Choice subdomain.

Setup Domain On Web Hosting Service

Simply log in to you’re hosting CPanel and go to the Addon Domain option. Add your domain directory through this option. Before adding a domain directory, you need to add the hosting server’s name to your domain Server names option. Find out your hosting server’s name in your hosting Cpanel and go to your Free Domain Name account, Click on My Domain >Manage Domain>Management Tools>ServersName> Choose Custom ServersName.

how to change domain servers

Setup WordPress To Make Posts On the Website

Install WordPress Plugin on your site, Through the WordPress Plugin, you can easily design your website and post your articles on your site. WordPress Plugin is a useful tool for a site. Its use is very simple and easy. It is the reason many users choose WordPress plugins for their sites. The WordPress Plugin installation is easy, ThereFore installation process instruction is shown in the screenshot.

how to install wordpress

Finally, you can make a website easily by using these guidelines. In addition, is a blog and is a plugin that installs on the Cpanel to design the site. Therefore use a WordPress plugin to design the site instead of a WordPress blog. Hence everyone makes a site by using a WordPress plugin.

If you have another site and you want to move to another hosting then visit Transfer WordPress Site To Another Hosting