How To Transfer WordPress Site To New Host | Easy Guide

how to transfer website hosting

Transfer WordPress Website To New Host

This article will cover how to Transfer WordPress Site from one host to a new host. Moving your WordPress website to a new hosting provider can seem challenging, but don’t worry! This easy guide will show you how to do it step by step. This guide is here to show you How To Transfer WordPress Site To new host, to do it easily and without trouble. Moving your site means taking all your website’s stuff – like posts, pictures, and settings – and putting it on a new service that keeps websites online. We will cover this with a step-by-step guide.

What We Need To Transfer WordPress Site

  1. Download Your current WordPress Website public_html folder.
  2. Export Your current WordPress Website SQL Database.
  3. Set Up Your New Web Hosting Account.
  4. Upload Your Website public_html folder to the New Host.
  5. Create New Database
  6. Import Your Website SQL Database to the New Host.
  7. Change wp-config file Database Information
  8. Update Your Domain’s DNS Settings.

Step 1: Download the WordPress Website public_html folder

First of all, we need to Download our website’s public_html folder to Transfer WordPress Site. Before downloading the website public_html folder, you need to compress this folder into a zip file and then download it. Go to your website hosting service CPanel >File Manager > your website public_html folder. You can also Watch our YouTube video How to transfer a WordPress site to another host.

Step 2: Export MySQL DataBase To Transfer WordPress Site

You need to export your MySQL Database from your existing web hosting service to Transfer WordPress Site. Exporting databases is so simple. This step is most important to transfer a WordPress site to a new host. Therefore, go to your old web hosting service, Cpanel > website > Database > phpMyadmin > List of Current Databases > Enter phpMyadmin, Now choose Export on the top right side of the page, drop down, you will see the export button. You can also see in the screenshot

Step 3: Set Up Your New Web Hosting Account

First, you need a new place to Transfer WordPress Site. Choose a hosting company that fits your needs. Look for good service, speed, and a price that suits your budget.

  • Sign up with your new web hosting provider.
  • Access the new web hosting account’s control panel.

In this step, you need to add your domain to Transfer WordPress Site data in your new hosting CPanel. If you have already added your domain and your domain directory folder is created without changing the domain server name, then you don’t need to add the domain. If your domain is not added to your new host Cpannel, then you need to add your domain and get your domain public_html folder. If your new web hosting can’t allow you to add a domain without changing the domain server name, then change your domain server name and add your domain to a new web host.

Step 4: Upload Public_html Folder To New Host

After adding your domain to a new host, upload your public_html folder in the new hosting to Transfer WordPress Site. Uploading a public_html folder in the domain home directory is very easy. Go to the file manager, open the public_html folder, and click on the upload file option, then Choose your downloaded website file, upload, and extract it here.

After extracting, open the public_html extracted folder select all files, and click on the move option, and you will see a moving path seems like this (….. public_html/public_html/). You just need to remove second /public_html/. After removing, your file moving path will look like this (….public_html), and press the OK button. Now, come back to the home directory and open your public_html folder. From here, you will see another public_html folder, which will be empty. Delete this folder.

Step 5: Create A New Database and Username in New Host

1. Create a new database

Now, we need a new empty database to import our existing database for the Transfer WordPress Site. Simply go to your new hosting CPanel > MySQL Database > create a new database. Add a new username to a new database; if you are using Hostinger web hosting, then it shows the database, username, and password at the same time.

2. Add a user for new database

Now you need to add a new user for your database after adding a new user and password. Now, Assign a user to your database; scroll down this page, and you will see an option Add User To Database. Select your new user in the first box select the new database in the second box, and click the add button. A new page of Manage User Privileges will be open; tick mark ALL PRIVILEGES option, then click on Make Change. Save all information in a notepad. Screenshot given below

how to upload database

Step 6: Import Your Website SQL Database in New Host

Now, we must import your downloaded SQL database file to the new database to Transfer WordPress Site. Go to your new database through phpMyadmin panel. In the phpMyadmin panel, select your newly created database, and you will see the import option on the right side top of the page. Select the import option, choose your download SQL file, and upload. Show in screenshot

Step 7: Change wp-config file Database Information

Now, You need to change data information in the wp-config file for your WordPress site to work with the new hosting service. Go to Cpanel > your website > file manager > public_html > wp-config.php and change the WordPress website database name, username, and password. Note the WordPress login information remains old. Seems like this  

transfer wordpress site to another host

Step 8: Update Your Domain’s DNS Settings

If you don’t have changed your domain DNS to new host, then follow

  • Change the DNS settings of your domain name to point to your new host.
  • This is usually done when you register your domain.
  • Update the nameservers to the ones provided by your new hosting company.
  • Remember, DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate.

If you don’t want to change your domain DNS, you can also point your domain to a new hosting IP address from the DNS record.

In addition, If you do not understand anything, then you can also watch a YouTube video link given above. You can also visit our article how to make a website WordPress