How To Send 10000 Emails At Once Free

If you are looking best email Marketing service to send unlimited emails at once for free. I will tell you, How you can send 10000 emails at once for free to thousands of persons. There are many services of email marketing available on the internet. Most of all have paid plain. If you are thinking you can send many from Gmail or Hotmail then you are wrong. These services have a limit to send 100 emails at once per day.   

To Send 10000 Emails  Subscribers List :

First of all, you need valid email addresses list. If you have many invalid emails on the list then you cannot upload this list. You can also search email addresses about your business through the google search.

MailChimp   :

MailChimp is a most popular email marketing service on the internet. You can easily send 10000 emails at once in free of cost. MailChimp email sending method is different from Gmail and Hotmail. Simply go to MailChimp website and create your account.

Lists :  

After login click on Lists Option at the top menu bar. Now click on create List option button to create your emails list. Hence the other option will be open put here your email and mail name which you want.

how to send 10000 emails

There is an option Remain, People, how they signed up to your List. If you are new then put here Just ok. After Create your emails list, there is an option Add Contacts click on then you see two option 1. add a subscriber, 2. import contacts. Chose import contacts and then tick mark copy/paste and click on next button. Now copy and paste your emails addresses in this field. Note you can add 2000 email addresses to a free plain. If you have more than 2000 emails then you need to create another account.

Campaigns :

After creating emails list, you need campaigns to send emails at once for free. There are an option Campaigns at the top menu bar open it. Now create a Campaigns > Create an email, Put your campaign name and select your emails list then next. Now select your email layout. If you are new then I suggestion select basic 1 column layout. You can also delete other option from here. A screenshot is given.

send 1000 emails at once

 After completing this click on next button. Now your email is ready to send 2000 persons at once. 

Email Tracking: MailChimp service track to the sending emails. You can easily see subscribers activity from the report option with your free email sending plain.

Email Marketing:

You can promote your business by MailChimp email marketing service. It gives the offer to the new user to send 10000 emails at once per day on a free plain. Most of the people use email marketing to promote their products or services. You can easily collect thousands of emails address from the google search for your products.


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