How to Make an eCommerce website with WordPress

Create an eCommerce Website To Sell Products Online

Today, I will tell you how to make a website to sell your products online which known as an eCommerce website or online store website. If you are thinking about how I can make an eCommerce website because I am not a programmer. Don’t worry we are going to make an online store website without any coding. There are a lot of methods available to create an eCommerce website but making an eCommerce online store website with WordPress is the best method. So, we will create a website with WordPress. First of all, We need a responsive WordPress theme to make our products selling websites and also a woo-commerce plugin. If you want to download a response theme, So please visit the Responsive Theme. Now, we will install the Woo- Commerce Plugin from the plugins option.

woo commerce for online store website

After activating this plugin you will see an information page. So, please fill up this forum with your correct information and also chose your currency to sell products on your eCommerce website. Like this

woo commerce plugin setting for ecommerce website

Payment Method In eCommerce Online Store Website

The second step is a payment method where you can select your payment methods to receive money from a customer for the product. In Pakistan, most of the online store websites use cash on delivery or Bank transfer method. If you want to sell your products on an international level, So I will be recommended Bank transfer.

Shipping eCommerce Website Products

The 3rd step is how you can send the product to your customer If he/she makes an order on your online store website. So, Please first check your country deliveries service rate and then put here your delivery charges and also tell him how many days will be used to deliver the product.

How To Add Product In Your Website – Online Store

Now, You need to add your first product to sell on your website. You will see an option of Products under the Woo Commerce after activating the plugin. So, please open this option and choose to add new. You will see a page like a post, Give a title for your product and put 2 or 3 images in product gallery. Like this

add product in your ecommerce website

Home Page and Menu Setting

Now, you need to set a static page for your online store website from Customize theme option and also go to your Menu option and create the new menu. After creating a new menu add pages and also setting location primary menu.

In Conclusion: We will hope on you, You will make an online store website to sell your products online by following our team guidelines. If you want to make another social network website. So please visit another article about how to make a social network website.