How To Make Social Network Website Like Facebook

Make Social Network Website Like Facebook For Free

If you want to create a social networking website like Facebook with easy steps, Then today you come to the right place. So, I will guide you on how to make a social network website. First of all, we need a PHP Fox Social Network Script and a web hosting server. You can also use your shared hosting to make a social website like Facebook. So Please visit PHP Fox official website and download the social networking script zip file. You can also download by visiting: Social Network Website Script.

After Downloading the script, Go to your hosting C-Panel and upload a zip file in your website root path folder. Now, the next step is to extract the PHP Fox website script zip folder. The second step is to move all files from the PHP fox folder into your website root path folder. You can also watch our Youtube Video How to Create a Social Network Website Like Facebook.

make social networking website

Social Network Site Configuration Setting

Now, visit your website URL. You will see a requirements page, Simply click on the continue button. The next page will be opened where you need to put your database information. Therefore, we need to make a new database and username for our social website from our hosting C – Panel. So, please open MySQL Database, create a new database and also username. After creating a database put all information on your social website and hit the continue button.

configuration to make social network website

Create Database For Website

If, you are new in the web development field. So, I want to tell you how to create a database for a website with a new username. It is a simple process, Just you need to open the MySQL database from your hosting C – Panel. You will see database name option, fill up database name and hit create button. Now, you need to add a new user for this database. So, please scroll down the page you will see an option ADD New User . So, put here your new username and password. You can also visit our another article how to make a website like youtube for complete detail on how to create a database with screenshots

Social Website Final Step

Finally, after completing the configuration setting. You will see some applications page, from here you can enable apps which you want to use in your social website. In the last step, you will be asked about your website control panel Admin email and password. These email and password will be used to open a social network website control panel

Conclusion: So, I will hope you will create your own website like Facebook by following our team guidelines. Therefore, Please like our articles and share to your friends.