How To Make Own Chat Room Website | Step By Step Guidelines

Make Chat Room Website For Free

In this tutorial, We will learn how to create own chat room website which is free of cost. It’s not difficult to make our own chat room website for free. There is no need for a programmer or a web developer to create a chatting website. We will discuss a simple method and a mobile responsible chatting website, which you can easily convert into an Android mobile app by following another Article guideline on how to convert a chatting website into an android app. So, We need a PHP chatting Script to make own chat room website. You can also download a free PHP chatting Script. In addition, If you want to create a chat application in android studio. So, Please visit How to create a chat application in Android Studio.

Upload Script Into File Manager To Install Chat Room Website

After downloading the zip file, You need to upload a chatting script into your website root path folder through your Hosting C-panel. Now also you need to extract all the files in your website’s main root folder. So, Please visit your domain, You will see the chat room website installation page. Please select your language and hit the next button, you will see the code page which is given in your zip file. So, please put the code and hit the next button then you will see a Database information page. Create a new database and also username for this database. If you did not know how to create a database for a website then please visit our other Article on how to make a video website like youtube. After creating a database please fill up your chat room website database information page and press the next button. Now You will see your chatting website admin information page, So please fill up and hit the next button. In the final, you will see the installation complete page where is a – Front End link, Visit this link. Now you need to Signup 2 or 3 users then your website will not redirect to the installation page. You can also go to the admin panel by visit and the user login page is

Chat Room Website Configuration Setting

SSL or Https: After complete your website installation, So please first install free SSL for your chatting website then visit your website Admin panel and choose the configuration option. You will see Http://, Simply change into Https:// Like this

make own chat room website

Chatting Website Features

  1. A Responsive layout that can easily use on the mobile screen.
  2. Admin can block any user from Control and also see all activity of the users.
  3. The user can send audio or video (songs, funny clips, etc) which has a good preview play in the chat section.
  4. The user can send any file to another user
  5. Online and offline status.
  6. The user can change the profile picture and also change the chat room theme for own use like Dark or white.

In Conclusion: We will Hope, You will make your own chat website by following our team guidelines. So please bookmark our website in your browser to see more articles about web development.