Easy Make Voice and Video Calling Website


Make Voice and Video Calling Website Using NextCloud

Today, We will learn how to make voice and video calling websites using NextCloud on the Ubuntu server. Voice and Video calling website is so simple using NextCloud Server. Everyone can make a video calling website by following our guidelines. You can also convert this website into an Android app with Android WebView.

NextCloud Server Features

  1. File Storage: NextCloud lets you keep all your files in one place. You can access them from anywhere.
  2. Share Files: You can easily share your files with other people.
  3. Calendar: NextCloud has a calendar. You can keep track of your plans.
  4. Contacts: You can keep all your contacts in NextCloud.
  5. Video Call: You can make video calls with NextCloud.
  6. Extra Safety: Your files are very safe because you can set up passwords.
  7. Work Together: Many people can work on the same file at the same time.
  8. Mobile App: NextCloud has an app. You can use it on your phone.
  9. Easy to Use: It is very simple to use NextCloud.
  10. Free: NextCloud is free to use. You don’t have to pay money.

Step 1: Install NextCloud Server To Make Voice and Video Calling Website

First of All, the Nextcloud Server is most important for Make Voice and Video Calling Website. So we need to install the NextCloud server on our website. If you don’t know how to install NextCloud Server. So please visit another tutorial How to install NextCloud on the ubuntu server. You can also install using Shared Hosting service by uploading a zip file which is described in that article. But without TurnServer users cannot do Voice and Video calls in shared hosting service. Because shared hosting does not allow to install TurnServer on their VPS server. Therefore, You need to purchase a VPS server from Cloudcone or Digital Ocean.

Step 2: Install TurnServer On Your Ubuntu

We need to Install a TurnServer on our Ubuntu VPS server for video calling communication. Therefore, Simply log in with root user using Putty into your Ubuntu server and run following commands to install the TurnServer server. Turn Server is most important to Make Voice and Video Calling Website.

 sudo apt-get install coturn 
sudo sed -i '/TURNSERVER_ENABLED/c\TURNSERVER_ENABLED=1' /etc/default/coturn 

After installing TurnServer, We need the following configuration setting in

Run the following command to open the turn server configuration file.

sudo nano /etc/turnserver.conf  

Uncomment following options


#tls-listening-port=5349 (if you want SSL port and uncomment and enter 443)

listening-ip=185.XX.XXX.XXX (put here your ip)

relay-ip=185.XX.XXX.XXX (put here your ip)




( open new window in putty, generate a secret by running command openssl rand -hex 32 copy secrete and paste here )

uncomment this option and change it to your FQDN



(if you want to use ssl then uncomment and give ssl path here)
# pkey=/ssl/nws.pem




After that, we need to restart the turn server by running the following commands.

service coturn restart
/etc/init.d/coturn restart

Step 3: Enable Video Talk App In NextCloud Server

Its most important part to Make Voice and Video Calling Website. After installing the NextCloud server, Now we need to enable the NextCloud Talk app. Please log in with the admin username and open Apps option. Then search Talk App from the Social & Communication option then click download and enable button. Now, Go to Setting > under Administration > Talk. You will see the screenshot. Put in stun server option your-IP:3478. Put in turn server option your-IP:3478 & shared secret which you have given in turn server configuration file.

make voice and video calling website

Setup JavaScript XMPP Chat In NextCloud

The JavaScript XMPP Chat is another option for user video calling and group chat in NextCloud. If you want to use JavaScript XMPP for video calling on your website. Therefore, enable this app and open configuration setting option under the Administration option. Follow the guideline which is given in the screenshot and hit the register button.

 Setup JavaScript XMPP Chat In NextCloud

In conclusion: We will hope, You will make your own audio and video calling website by following our guidelines. If you are facing any problem, please tell us in the comment we will try to solve your problem.